July 29, 2014

The standard of a good pair of shoes

Whether to go to work, go shopping or traveling, a pair of shoes to fit red bottom shoes is particularly important, it can reduce wear and tear, foot to avoid cause other medical problems. Recently, the "Japanese economic news" published expert advice,red bottom shoes for men teach you how to choose shuangyou quality shoes.

Japanese emperor Beijing university school of medicine affiliated red bottoms shoes hospital orthopedic surgeon printing south health pointed out that the shoes don't fit, after a long time can lead to thumb hallux valgus, toenail foot problems such as deformation, long corns, even can cause back pain and knee lesions, etc. Feet and walk in yokohama, director of the institute, a physical therapist GuCheng stressed that the shoes don't fit me will disturb red bottom shoes for women the body center of gravity, lead to imbalance in the body, the pace of disorder, is causing many body the crux of the problem.

Choose shoes before, must first understand your foot type. In general,cheap red bottom shoes mainly divided into the following three foot type.Asian, Asian people most is the foot type. Is characterized by big toe significantly longer than the other four toes, instep wide and tall, heel is not round.brucegmusic.com Be especially careful when this kind of person for shoe heel department whether fit, otherwise the heel is easy to slip out of his shoe

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1 Informative article, totally what I was looking for.

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